Land Transportation

Blue World Cargo offer transport services for Export Cargo with excellent facilities for warehousing and storage. We achieve customer satisfaction through our specialized, quality services.

Backed by the experience of more than fifteen years, we have the knowledge, expertise, confidence and infrastructure to cater to the ever-demanding requirements of our valued clients. The company is edquipped with well experienced staff & latest Technology of logistic & on-line Services.

In the recent years, the Indian economy has moved towards liberalization. Globalization of the world has also taken place. These two phenomena have resulted in the growth of trade and a consequent increase in the demand for our specialized services.

We deliver/transport export/import cargo consignments from cities to ports or vice versa. Our endeavors to achieve customer satisfaction have been recognized as one of the Best Transporter.

*You may contact our offices for your goods transport all of them are linked with hi-tech link circuits.

Transport Service

1. Home-Take services and direct delivery to any port in Chennai.
2. Arranging skilled labour.
3. Holding of cargo in the company-owned warehouses / godowns.
4. Handling of such cargo with all the necessary care.
5. Delivery of such consolidated cargo within the committed period.
6. Providing the client with day-to-day information of the collected cargo.
7. Information, in advance, by fax/phone to the client regarding the dispatch and arrival of cargo.
8. Single point information services to enable our clients to know the current position of their cargo.
9. "Consolidation" of the valued cargo by collecting the same from the client's vendors and forwarding it to any port in Chennai and Tutucorin.

Protection and safety are our prime concerns. Moreover, we give due importance to timely delivery. We look forward to the opportunity...